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Illegibilus: Emerson Powell by ohvaries Illegibilus: Emerson Powell by ohvaries
EDIT:: baby got a haircut + updated some relationships (but not all //weeps)



G e n e r a l

    » Name: Emerson "Emery" Powell
    » Age: 15 years old
    » Gender: Male
    » Height/Weight: 182 cm / 66 kg
    » Birthday: November 18th
    » Nationality: English
    » House: Hufflepuff
    » Year: 4th year
    » Voice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

P e r s o n a l i t y
dorky // loyal // occasionally grumpy // curious // affectionate // oblivious // paranoid

    » Upon first meeting, Emery can be a tad bit distant and closed off. Initially, he's wary of making friends due to a fear of rejection/nonacceptanceGetting him to warm up to others is no hard task though; once he does, he proves himself to be quite a loyal friend, protective over those who are closest to him. Despite his usual kindness, angering him isn't suggested. If you're pushing the wrong buttons, he's easily annoyed and quick to show it. One of his biggest pet peeves is being told to "man up" or "stop being such a girl". It's a sensitive subject, considering he was bullied during his childhood for his timidness (called a fag, princess, and the like). Also, he dislikes being the center of attention. In these situations, he becomes quite frigid and awkward, and will attempt to divert the attention elsewhere as soon as possible. His people skills are horrific, but don't get me wrong, he's entirely capable of functional, casual conversation. He's actually a really happy puff despite all of his personality quirks and faults. 

   He's well known for his passion for learning and tends to get quite hyped up over his favorite subject, magizoology. I repeat, magizoology is his passion. He's a dork. A dorky dork dork. Do not bring it up unless you're prepared to listen to him geek out. Again, he's a dork. He welcomes adventure due to his curious nature, which is why he chose Ghoul Studies as one of his extra curricular. In contradiction to this, he sometimes tends to be superstitious and paranoid, though truly he enjoys the excitement behind it all. There are times when he gets in a bit of a mischievous mood, which he acts on through lame and practically harmless pranks. 

I n t e r e s t s  &  D i s l i k e s

   √ all creatures, books, scarves, jenga, magizoology, sleeping, (secretly) singing and dancing, cream soda
   being analyzed or stared at, judgmental people, fried food, too much physical activity, flying

B a c k g r o u n d
   » Before Hogwarts
   Emery was adopted as a baby by two loving muggles who were both unaware of the magical world and how their son would grow up to be a part of it. Since his birth parents were unknown to him, it wasn't until a special messenger from Hogwarts came and explained the ordeal to his adoptive parents that he discovered he was a wizard. His life before that day was a tad bit less than happy; when other kids at school learned that he was being raised by two mothers, he was taunted and teased. Many could tell there was also something magical about the boy, although not to their liking, therefore he was outcasted. Being an only child and his lack of friends often left him alone to entertain himself. Both of his grandparents had refused to accept his mothers' sexualities during their teenage years, and disowned them at a young age, so he'd never had a chance to meet much of his adoptive family, which didn't help much with his seclusion from the rest of the world. 

   He didn't mind his lonesome too much, his parents were supportive and let him explore whatever interests he was drawn to. Therefore, he spent most of his time reading or wandering the woods behind their house in Nottingham. He developed an admiration and love for animals, he'd spend hours sitting outside, observing them and writing his findings in a journal. Once he learned of the wizarding world, his interest in science journalism quickly transferred to magizoology. The day that his special messenger came to inform Emery's family that he was wanted at Hogwarts was the best day of his life. Thankfully, his relationship with his adoptive parents remained intact and healthy over the years despite that there was a whole new world between them. 

    » First Year

    Due to his birthday being so late in the year, he started his first year later than everyone else, which he's still a bit embarrassed about to this day. Em was able to make a few acquaintances on Hogwarts Express, but they didn't really stick around. He was too quiet and shy to be of anyone's interest and appeared to be more invested in his books than talking. To absolutely no one's surprise, he was sorted into Hufflepuff. During this year, he (and many unfortunate others) learned that he was horrifyingly terrible at flying. He never found the time to get better either, so stay clear of this boy if he's so much as even holding a broom. He truly enjoyed his herbology class that year, and quite greatly excelled in it.

    » Second Year

   Second year came before Emery knew it. He hadn't progressed much in making friends, being too busy indulging himself in magic and studying to work on his social skills. Not the least bit interested in trying out for quidditch, he stayed in the same antisocial rut as the year before, though now he spent more time in the library than outside. He'd had a few bouts with sleeping troubles earlier in his life, but it wasn't this year that he was diagnosed with chronic insomnia. After an episode of going three days without sleep, he was found slightly delirious in the library, reading books aloud, though backwards, from the end to the beginning. He was taken to the hospital wing immediately, where he was put to sleep with the use of a Sleeping Draught. Upon awakening, he was taught to make this potion perfectly and to use them whenever needed.

    It was also during this year that an addition to his family was made. His parents adopted a second child, an little orphan named Nelle. Unlike Emery, she appears to be a muggle; after all, what are the chances of adopting two wizards into the family? Nelly (he nicknamed her) and Em grew quite fond of each other during their summer holidays. As expected, she was curious about Hogwarts and heart broken over him having to return once the summer was over, so he shared with her the secrets of the magical world as long as she promised not to talk about it with anyone outside of their family. She was amazed by the things he told her about magical creatures, wands, potions-- the list goes on. Often she would run around the house carrying a twig as her makeshift wand and pretend to be casting spells while Emery returned to Hogwarts for his third year.

    » Third Year

   His third year was by far his favorite yet, for he made his first true friend at Hogwarts. She was a beautifully obnoxious Gryffindor, who right off the bat made fun of him for not only showing up to class late and half asleep, but also forgetting to put on his shoes before he left his dorm. Emery managed to further amuse her by accidentally smearing ink on his face in his confused, sleepy state of mind. Initially, he was annoyed by her laughing at him considering he had no idea why. Their first meeting wasn't what any sane person would call friendly, but surprisingly, they became good friends. A bit of her brave and adventurous personality rubbed off on him, giving him the confidence to open up to a few others as well. He spent the rest of his year daring to cause trouble every now and then, earning him the occasional detention, which he was of course proud of. Though she isn't around as much as he'd like her to be now a days, she left a lasting impression, and Emery will undoubtedly mention Aggy when talking about his adventures of his third year. 

    Since third years were granted access to Hogsmeade, Emery often took advantage of his weekends to visit Tomes And Scrolls in search for any books of his interest that he couldn't find in the library. He also enjoyed Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, but most of the time his trips were cut short due to the large amount of couples that crowded the place. A good ol' cup of tea just isn't the same when there's snogging all around you. And thus his third year came to an end, leaving him a bit more outgoing and happier than before.

F a m i l y

    » Clarissa Powell: Adoptive Mother // 36 years old
    » Marnie Powell: Adoptive Mother // 34 years old
    » Nelle Powell: Adopted Sister // 9 years old
    » Ailee Maverick: Biological Sister // 13 years old

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

    » Agatha Collinswell  // Friend
    Having been half asleep and very embarrassed at the time they met, they didn't hit it off very well at first, considering she made fun of him. It didn't take long for him to warm up to her afterwards, though. Despite what most others think from his talk of her, these feelings are purely platonic. Sadly, Emery doesn't see her around Hogwarts as much anymore.

    » Dimitri Leshchyov // Bromodachi
   Their meeting was a very close call towards having a negative attitude towards him, but the situation turned around rather quickly. Emery now considers him to be a great friend, though he gets the feeling he gets on Dimitri's nerves sometimes. 

    » Isabelle Azarola  // Crush
    Emery adores her to no extent. She kind of really takes his breath away. He greatly admires the positive energy she brings about the place and would love to spend more time around her, even if it meant participating in his least favorite activity-- flying. Ironically, she's a chaser for Gryffindor.

    » Sai Valentine  // Friend
    In his opinion, she's quite the lovely Hufflepuff. They've spent a lot of time together in the music room, even composing a tune together once. He considers her much like a little sister and often feels the need to shower her with gifts.

    » Catherine Featherstone  // Frenemy 
    He holds quite the grudge against her to this day, although they've been doing a bit better recently. She still often annoys him and he has no intention of hiding it. What they have is starting to feel more and more sibling-like..

    » Henry Bennett  // Daughter
    Not really his daughter, though he feels somewhat responsible for her. Plus, they share some common interests, mostly animals and research. They could potentially be an awesome duo but they'd need to spend some more time together first.

    » Xavier Veneti  // Acquaintance 
   Emery feels a lot closer to Xavier than he actually is. In reality, they haven't bonded very much at all, though he feels like a bro. Xavier worries rather often, which brings Emery down a bit, but it's no big deal.
   » Nadi Chota  // Acquaintance 
   Though he initially found himself uncomfortable around her, he warmed up slowly. He has a lot of respect for her and wouldn't mind hanging out more often.

    » Tore Vitaliy  // Acquaintance 
   From the few conversations they've had together, Emery has come to the conclusion that Tore's a pretty nice guy. He seems to worry a lot though, but Emery hardly minds it.

    » Tristan Prescott  // Acquaintance 
   At first mistaking Tristan as a hallucination of himself in the library due, Emery thinks he's a nice kid, ffff even though Tristan's older than him. He's also the only other male Hufflepuff he's met.

E l e c t i v e s  &  
E x t r a  C u r r i c u l a r 
    » Electives: Care of Magical Creatures, Divination
    » Extra Curricular: Ghoul Studies, Muggle Music

S p e l l s

    » Lumos: Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.
    » Rictusempra: The victim experiences tickling sensations all over the body, a very distracting condition.
    » Locomotor: Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.
    » Switching Spell: Causes one object to be switched with another of the caster's choice. 

W a n d
    » Core: Phoenix Feather
    » Length: 10 1/2 inches
    » Wood: Chestnut
    » Flexibility: Brittle

P e t
    » Name: Mocha
    » Species: Sugar glider
    » Gender: Female
    » Personality: She's literally afraid of everything, even her own shadow. 

O t h e r  I n f o r m a t i o n

    » Suffers from chronic insomnia and uses Sleeping Draught potions when he can.
    » Determined to become a magizoologist.
    » Took piano lessons as a kid, isn't half bad.
    » Pretty darn insecure about his looks.
    » Finds it weird to be called by Emerson.
    » Strangely and repeatedly finds himself attracted to Gryffindors.
    » Probably asexual or pansexual, hasn't figured it out yet fff
    » Wears contact lenses

A c h i e v e m e n t s

    » Yule Ball 2013 Badge
    » Valentine’s Day 2014 Badge

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